Meet the Artist


Hi! My name is Jena McNerney and I am the owner and artist of Level Studio Arts. I believe in the healing powers of art! It’s a way to take everything that you feel within your body and mind and to get it out to the world! Whether it’s playing with mud on a wheel or scraping, dripping, and throwing pigment at a canvas, I feel an instant release! I focus on the process of each piece of art I create, which forces them to be unique when complete. Diving into the process before thinking of the results creates the ultimate creative backdrop and allows for change until you are satisfied with the results!

About Level Studio Arts

Level Studio Arts offers pottery and paintings for purchase, open studio time, pottery lessons, clay hand building, and painting classes through Judie’s Art Bar.

Located in the center of Amherst, Level Studio Arts was developed to bring more opportunity and visibility of the arts in the surrounding community. We focus on the experience and process of creating art and hope to bring the experience to the Amherst and Pioneer Valley area!

Artist Jena McNerney carefully crafts the Ceramic ware offered at Level Studio Arts. She constantly is seeking to develop new designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Level Studio Arts leverages a personal ‘handmade’ perspective with an unparalleled level of dedication, focus, love and care that is absent in ‘other’ mass-produced items.

Focusing on the process of art allows the creator to expand their creativity and push beyond what could ever be imagined! When taking a class at Level Studio Arts, you will experience the process of art, whether following along with a featured painting or with the demonstrated techniques; clients are encouraged to individualize their final artworks throughout the experience.


Requests for customized work and recreations of photographs through drawing and painting are welcomed. Please feel free to contact Jena here