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Thank you for taking the time to tour our gallery. We have provided a sample of some of my favorite pieces of work that where either the most challenging or rewarding when complete.




Focusing on form and functionality, artist Jena McNerney creates sculptural and functional pottery available for purchase.

Each piece is created uniquely just like you and I! Every item is carefully crafted with love and focus to give you the best possible product that will guarantee a handmade quality that is not found elsewhere.


The art of ceramics is a timely process involving many steps.

First, an item has to be created from clay, either through various hand building or wheel thrown techniques.

Second, the made item must dry to ‘leather hard’ to keep some moisture in the clay to carve and trim the item.

Third, the item must slowly dry over the span of at least a week. (minimum span)

Fourth, the items need to be fired in a kiln (or cook in a VERY HOT oven) This process takes 14-20 hours.

Next the items need to be washed and glazed (the color painted on using a mixture of pigments, minerals, and tiny glass like particles)

Finally, the pieces are fired in the kiln at maximum temperature to create the chemical reaction to reach the coloring of glaze for a final ‘glass’ like finish.

This process can take anywhere from 2.5 to 4 weeks depending on various factors including the environment.

For custom ceramic work we ask that the order is placed a Month in advance to create the work and to have the best quality possible for you!

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Artist Jena focuses on experimental brush strokes and movements to create visually interesting paintings with acrylic paint and various other materials such as paper, charcoal, acrylic mediums, string, cloth, etc. Her paintings are often abstract welcoming the viewer to create their own journey when being immersed in the work. Viewers are encouraged to look at the relationships between shapes, colors, and the movement of the overall image. Jena approaches her paintings with experimental techniques that are guided by artistic intuition. They often involve many layers as the paintings have been created over different time spans featuring different moments of life. While Jena focuses on her abstract art she is well versed in realism and is open to commissions and requests for both realistic and abstract works.

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Focusing on line, value, expression and realism, Artist Jena uses charcoal, pencil, and string as drawing materials. Each drawing is presented to evoke thought about the subject and have the viewer connect through personal and external experiences.

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